Saturday, September 20, 2008

Getting Free and Low-Cost Help for Medical Care

Finding financial help for medical care involves searching for 1) the resources in your area, such as clinics and 2) if you are able to identify it, resources for your disorder.

Many localities have low-cost or free public health clinics. Your county health department should be able to help you find one, or you can. The Health Resources and Services Administration has a website that can help you find one that's nearest to you. Enter your address or zip code, and it will even provide a map, if you choose, to show you where the clinic is.

Be aware of medical trials in which you may be eligible to take part. If you check out Clinical Trials, you will be able to search for trials that are or will be recruiting subjects. You can even search by disease, condition, and state or city (Only search by city if you live near a big one. Otherwise, it's not worth it.)

If you have a particular condition, try finding the local society or foundation in your area which is dedicated to helping alleviate it. They may know of some funding sources. Try finding a national organization that deals with your condition. Contact their personnel, or check out their website, to see if they have any information on financial help. Some organizations, such as local Easter Seals, may provide rental of medical equipment that you need. The American Council for the Blind has some sources listed, and the Deaf Education Center has financial aid sources for those who need hearing aids.

One big site is the National Library of Medicine's page on financial assistance. Finally, go to the federal government benefits portal, which lists federal programs of all sorts, including medical.

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