Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Veterans Bonuses in Ohio and Other States

Ohio is now giving cash bonuses to veterans of the Persian Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan wars.****Now, only veterans of the Afghan war can apply--ALL OTHER DEADLINES HAVE EXPIRED. For online applications, see the state web site, or call 1-877-644-6838 for a paper application. There is also a website with eligibility requirements.  They are exempt from state and federal taxes. 

The deadline for filing for those who served in the Persian Gulf War (August 2, 1990-March 3, 1991) is December 31, 2013.  However, for those who served later, the deadline is later.  For those that served in Iraq between March 19, 2003 and December 31, 2011, the deadline is December 31st, 2014.  For those who served in Afghanistan since October 7, 2001, the deadline is three years after the President calls an end to involvement.  See this post for more details. Also for the VERY LATEST, from the Dept of Veterans Services in Ohio:

Down to the Wire for Iraq War Veterans...
The application deadline for the Ohio
Veterans Bonus is approaching rapidl
y for veterans of the Iraq War
Dec. 31, 2014, is the last day to apply for the
Ohio Veterans Bonus for
military veterans who
served boots-on-the-ground in Iraq
between March 19, 2003 and Dec. 31, 2011.
The Ohio Veterans Bonus is available to
veterans, and active duty service members
who are legal residents of Ohio, who served
anywhere in the world during the time of the
wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Service must
have been for more than
90 days active duty,
not for training. Eligible veterans must have
been Ohio residents at the time of their entry
into the service, and must be Ohio residents
at the time they apply.
Although the end of the year marks the dead-
line to apply for service in Iraq, the Bonus
remains open for veterans who served in the
country of Afghanistan or anywhere else in
the world since Oct. 7, 2001.

With the news of this new bonus by the state of Ohio to veterans of the Persian, Afghan and Iraqi wars and benefits for their survivors (created by voters last year), I decided to check out other states, too, and find that there is a mixed bag of such cash bonuses in other states for different conflicts in U.S. history. Most are small cash bonuses, restricted to those with honorable discharges who were residents of the state before going to war.

Vermont has one that is still in effect for veterans of Vietnam, and goes back to the War of 1812, to compensate citizen-soldiers for the use of the horses and weapons they were expected to bring with them to that conflict. Massachusetts has offers on the books for veterans from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf and the “war on terror,” covering conflicts since 9/11. In West Virginia, there is a bonus for veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo and their survivors. Pennsylvania has a bonus for veterans of the Persian Gulf and their survivors. In Alabama, there is a bonus program for veterans who were held prisoner in Southeast Asia. Illinois Veterans Affairs offers bonuses to wars stretching back to World War II, plus compensation for POWs. New Hampshire and South Dakota offer small bonuses. For a rundown of state military benefits, see this link for all 50 states.

update: The Ohio applications must be notarized. If you want the notarization for free, see these Attorney General regional locations.

MORE POTENTIAL MONEY: The Stop Loss Compensation has extended its deadline.  If you have non-voluntarily had your duty extended between Sept., 2001  and Sept, 2009, you can file for this back pay compensation by March 18, 2011. 

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