Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Comparing Schools for Job Training--Bonus Ohio Goodness

The last post discussed the need to research and compare schools provide training or education. In Ohio, the Jobs and Family Services site has a feature that makes it easier. It's the Site for searching Eligible Training Providers. Click "search by training provider." Then, put in the name of a program, say, for instance, truck driver, in the search box by "program name." Then, under the county search box, click the text that allows you to pick up to five counties. A map appears that allows you to click up to five counties to search for a truck driving program. Pick your counties, click "save and exit," and then click "search." It will come up with those programs, at schools in those counties. Mark the schools that you want on your comparison list, then click "view comparison list." It will show you the costs, fees, accreditation, and length of training for each program. It's a huge help in figuring out the program that best helps you.

Also, when figuring out the potential wages and career outlook for your future, Ohio Labor Market statistics provides lots of information about job pay and growth in particular areas of Ohio. It's a good way to get a realistic picture of what a job will pay and the likelihood of getting it.

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