Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Serious Place to Search for Government Business Help

Directories and search websites for government aid for for-profit business have evolved for the better. A fairly new page, the search engine for business.gov, offers a huge improvement over the CFDA or www.grants.gov. You select the business type, for-profit or non-profit, then the purpose of the money: for start-up or expansion, type of industry, state, and so forth. Based on your responses, it gives you a list of websites and aid possibilities. Not only do they cover grants (few) and loan opportunities (many), but they offer links to government listings of private sources of capital (and yes, that means loans). Since it pulls in everything possible as decided by your selections, some of them may be a little off-base (socially disadvantaged farmers, anybody?), but it's worthwhile. The only things it may miss are truly local (city or county) grants or loans. And don't forget tax abatements and other goodies that this may miss. While it's still good to know and check with your state and local government sources, this is a good place to start.

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