Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yet Another Free Way to Track Down (Medical) Scholarship Money

Nothing cheers me up like finding new free ways to find money. If you are a medical researcher, medical student, or a student involved or interested in the medical, dental, or paramedical fields, try the Scangrants website. It's a free website created by Samaritan Health Services that lists grants in medicine and related fields (but only non-federal sources).

It's a wondrous grab-bag of money for institutions for research and programs, but also for individuals. If you go to their search page, you can search by key word, but also by category (including scholarships or fellowships). And, you can search by "audience," by which they mean potential applicants. In this quixotic listing, you will find "blind person," with a grant for organizations that help the blind, but also "nursing students," with grants for both scholarship and research. So check it out as a potential source of scholarship money in these fields.

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