Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gold Mines for Geeks

It pays to be smart. Just this week, I ran up against all sorts of opportunities for smart people to get money to study and do research. It seems that the American Chemical Society has a whole Grants and Awards page devoted to scholarships, research grants, fellowships, internships, and international study offered by the organization. There are awards by various divisions (like agricultural, petroleum, nuclear, chemical toxicology, and more), national and regional, and grad and undergrad. Even a grant to help high school teachers of chemistry.

A hot field in inventions and federal incentives is alternate energy. The federal Department of Energy has a whole page devoted to money and incentives for clean and alternative energy inventors. However, it feels a bit old--nothing new has been added for awhile. Maybe it can be checked in the future, but meanwhile, check out the Recovery Act Energy page for newer funding information.

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