Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Can Recovery Money Help Me?

Where is the economic recovery money going? Much of it is going to education and public works, but some of it may be headed towards you, if you know where to look. In Toledo, some block grants have been turned into programs to buy and develop foreclosed property and fix the exteriors of homes. Also, new money has come to improve the energy efficiency of homes for low and moderate income people.

How can you find that money where you live? Get in touch with your city’s housing or development department and see if they have gotten new housing funds, what programs they may have. Remember, that these funds are a one-shot deal with limited resources, so that once the money runs out, the program is over. Also, not all communities have spent their funds on the same types of programs. Many of the nation’s community action agencies (of which there are over 1000 in the U.S.), have gotten funds for heating and energy efficiency home fixups. Find the one in your area, and see if you qualify. Job retraining money has gone to workforce training centers around the United States. Locate the one near you and see if there are retraining programs you can use. These are the levels of government that actually have and distribute programs and services.

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