Friday, December 18, 2009

Ohio's Heating Page--and Help For People in Other States

The state of Ohio now has a webpage with nearly everything you have to know about keeping the heat on in your home this winter. Of course, the governor has used his public official's perogative to slap his kisser on the front page, but beyond that it's a treasure trove of information, with links to winter heating assistance programs (including your rights to energy reconnection), how to understand your billing, and a page on conservation that has a link to the home weatherization program.

If you live in another state, the office in charge of the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program has a page providing links to all the state programs in the U.S. It even has links to online application forms where available. Even if your state does not have an online form, there will be some form of assistance, and information about help available through your local utilities. There is even a page outlining the energy disconnect policies in various states.

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