Thursday, March 18, 2010

How Can I Get Money for Work Retraining?

Many people seeking to re-career are hampered by the lack of traditional scholarship money for non-traditional, non-degree education at places that offer certificates instead of 2 or 4 year degrees. How do you get money to go to trucking school, or become a beautician? The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) was created partly to address that. One of the things that sprang out of it was the naming of trade schools around the country as "eligible training providers." This means that students attending these schools are eligible for financial assistance to attend via the Workforce Investment Act. Last week, I listed a website for Ohio.

But you can find WIA eligible schools around the country at the CareerOneStop website. Just click your state to get a search engine to identify schools for that state. Once within a state, you can find different search engines that vary in how they allow you to search: by geography, or field of study, etc.

Other options: if you are a veteran, schools that are approved by the Veteran's Administration for education and job training. Or other things previously mentioned in this blog, as well as proprietary schools (private vocational schools) approved for funding within their state, such as Ohio or Michigan.

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