Friday, July 2, 2010

Helpful New Website on the Health Care Front

The federal government's newsest website on healthcare, attempts many things, some of which they do well. It's a good go-to site to find out about the new health care reform law (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It explains the effect of the new law on health care coverage and eligibility for various groups, like young people, children, the chronically ill and elderly. It even has a link to the full text of it, if you want to wade through all 900+ pages. However, some of the law has yet to unfold--think of any law as a cake that is not yet a cake till it's been in the oven. That oven would be the federal regulations that give any law its shape and impact, and those are still in the making.

Likewise, the section of the page dealing with coverage options attempts to cover stuff still in the formative stages. The health care pools that will be created to provide coverage for higher-risk people have not yet been created. If you want a really good page with your health insurance coverage options clearly spelled out, a better bet is the site by the Foundation for Health Coverage Education. One of the best features on it is the health care matrix created for each state, giving you your full set of public and private insurance options wherever you live. For some more stuff on health care when you can't afford health care, see more at my other site, No Free Money.

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