Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Financial Help and Grants for Adoption

Most government agencies and child welfare organizations agree: a child is helped by being placed in a permanent home if possible. That’s why financial incentives are offered to help the adoption process, and sometimes outright grants and tax credits. Often, special incentives and aid is available to help the adoption of “special needs” children: disabled or older children, or children of special situations, like siblings. The Department of Health and Human Services has a list of financial aid from states, as well as each state’s definition of a “special needs child,” and post-adoption services. On the federal level, the IRS website has information on tax credits available to cover the cost of adoption and how to file for them.
Some foundations also provide adoption grants for those in financial need. These include the Gift of Adoption Fund, the C S Foundation Inc. (318-671-8772, 10965 Cornerstone Place, Keithville, :A 71047-8587), and A Child Waits Foundation. There may be other more local foundations that you can find on the Foundation Directory for Individuals database, available at Foundation Center cooperating collections around the country. Finally, check out this article from the Adoptive Families website with more aid options.

Update:  More financial help options at the website for A Child Waits.

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