Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Find Legit Foreclosure Prevention, Anywhere in America

The last post described places where Ohioans can find counseling and classses to deal with foreclosure threats, but there's a link that can find legit, nonprofit foreclosure counselors all over the country.  They won't promise they can save your home--nobody can--but they will give you honest advice and work with your lender if possible.  You can also call (800) 569-4287 to locate a counselor.

Also at HUD, some ideas for when a lender won't work with you.  This includes your options when the loan is guaranteed by the Veteran's Administration, and FHA guaranteed loans (they suggest calling the toll-free FHA loan servicing number at (888) 297-8685.  But the operative idea is to do it now!  The sooner you act, the more likely your home can be saved.

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