Monday, October 4, 2010

Laugher of the Day

We at Free Money Ate My Brain aren't all work and no play--we enjoy a good laugh, too.  Image our surprise when this one fell in our lap.  Yes, that's the Queen of England trying to tap into a heating fund for the poor to warm up her palaces.  Silly girl!  As we say incessantly in this blog, most of those types of programs are means-tested--meaning you have to be poor or at least of moderate income to qualify.  Qualification for many programs vary, but that aren't usually generous enough to cover richer-than-God folk.  Unless they are farm subsidies.  And then, you may not have to even be breathing.

If you want to check out how to apply for heating assistance in your state, see this site.  It will give you direct links.  If you don't see your state listed, click on the drop-down list to find out where to apply.  If you want to see about the legal requirements for shut-offs of power, see this website.  But also contact your local utility provider.  They may have more information about payment plans to help you out.

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