Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Roundup of Every Kind of Emergency Financial Help I Can Think Of…(Money for the Needy)

You will read a lot of nonsense on the internet about emergency grants for needy individuals. Most of it is hogwash. You will click links that you think will be helpful, and they will point you to books that cost $39, $99, or some other silly amount of money. Don’t buy them. Trust me, they will rip you off. And if you see an ad for a free seminar somewhere in a hotel room, run away as fast as your legs can carry you. 

The problem is, we are in a depression/recession, and politicians are afraid of spending a penny for an increasingly desperate nation with lots of poor people. Unless, of course, you are a defense contractor, or a millionaire who is terrified that your taxes might go up. Then our politicians can’t wait to come to your rescue.  Enough of my rant. The following is my total rundown of all I know right now about emergency financial help, anywhere in the country. And I swear it won’t cost you a single penny. Here goes:

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