Friday, December 10, 2010

Where to Find Free Clothes to Get a Job

People are trying to find work, but after being out of work for a long period of time, you may not have the right clothes to wear to an interview, much less show up at a work site every day.  Where could you get clothes for this?  In a number of places around the country, groups are springing up to help.

Among those for women are Women's Alliance.  In Toledo, another group that gives clothing to both men and women seeking employment is the Monroe Street Neighborhood Center at 3613 Monroe (419-473-1167).   Angel's Arms Clothing Closet in Holland, Ohio and Toledo, give clothing for all purposes.  There's also Dress for Success, which has many affiliates around the country.  In Chicago, there's the Bottomless Closet.

But there's stuff for men, too.  In Toledo, Dress Right (3613 Monroe St, Toledo, 419-473-1167) gives free career clothing to men in need, but you need a referral from a church or social service agency.   Career Gear is based in New York City, but has affiliates in San Antonio, New Haven, CT, Jersey City, Miami, Houston and Washington, DC.  and provides donated clothing items for men.  Among those providing clothing for both men and women seeking jobs is the LA Urban League, Working Wardrobes of Costa Mesa, CA, and Wardrobe for Opportunity in the Bay Area of California.

***For more Toledo clothing assistance, check here.

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