Friday, January 7, 2011

Low Cost Screening for Cancers, STD--and STD Vaccinations

It’s hard to believe that 100 years ago, we were loathe to discuss sexually transmitted diseases—and cancer—in public. Both were considered equally scary and shameful. Now, people can take advantage of public health campaigns to slow them both down with free or low-cost screenings and vaccinations.

In the field of reproductive health, the campaign to provide screening for female disorders, like breast and cervical cancer has provided a plethora of free or low-cost testing sites for low-income women. However, there has not been nearly as much progress for men. Sites for low-cost prostate cancer screening are far fewer. This site by Prostate Conditions Education Council, shows free screening sites available, and another site by the Urology Health website does as well. For more information, call the PCEC’s toll free number at 888-755-7229.

Women have many more sites for breast and cervical cancer screening, but it’s often restricted to low-income women, and usually within certain age brackets. These can differ from state to state. This site by the Center for Disease Control shows contacts and toll-free numbers for each state.

At this website, also by the CDC, you can put in your zip code and find free and low-cost screening sites for sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, and places to get vaccinated against Hepatitis B and HPV, the virus blamed for cervical cancer and possibly other types of cancer.

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