Monday, January 17, 2011

Roundup of Some Financial Aid for Cancer Patients and Their Families

The following are some private organizations that offer financial aid for cancer victims and their families. Check out their websites for more information on qualifications.  As noted, some offer information about aid from other organizations.
  • Breast Cancer Society Inc. (Mesa, AZ)—financial help for victims of breast cancer.
  • The National Cancer Institute's searchable database of financial help.
  • Melanoma Research Foundation has a page listing resources for melanoma patients, including financial assistance, travel and drug assistance.
  • Sarcoma Alliance not only outlines the financial help they give to sarcoma patients with direct expenses, but lists other sources of financial aid for cancer patients.
  • The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation provides links to information on cancer, but also information on aid for travel, lodging, and wish granting organizations for adults and children from several different organizations.
  • Partners for a Cure Foundation offers grants to individuals with cancer who need financial help.
  • Cancer Care offers financial help for cancer patients in need, including a program to help prostate cancer patients with co-payments for medical treatment.  Call 1-800-813-HOPE for more information.
  • Cancer Fund of America sends personal care products to cancer patients free of charge, like bed pads, room supplies, nutrition drinks, etc.
  • The Jeremy Foundation  offers financial help for families of child cancer victims that need financial help.
  • One devastating aftereffect of cancer treatment may be infertility.  Verna’s Purse, a program of ReproTech, offers financial assistance in preserving eggs or sperm of cancer patients who fear that medical treatment might leave them unable to have a child after their treatment. 

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