Thursday, January 27, 2011

When You Think of Scholarships, Look for the Union Label

Part of my job as the Grant Godess at the library involves asking frankly nosey questions.  And when money is involved, there's no question too nosey.  Queries that would get me slapped with a Title VII lawsuit if I were in an HR office are perfectly within my comfort zone.  And patrons put up with them, because it means they are getting a good frisking for cash.

 Like, your ethnic group.  Or your religion, or where you work.  If you are looking for scholarship money for yourself or your child, the workplace could be a major factor.  Do you know if your employer does tuition reimbursements?  They may.  Do they offer competitive scholarships to the children of employees?  If they are big enough, that's possible, too.

Union affiliation may help also.  Several larger unions, and some union locals, may offer scholarships to members or their children.  I did a post quite awhile ago on the Union Plus scholarships for the family members of AFL-CIO's affiliated unions.  But several unions within that umbrella have their own scholarship programs, like the American Federation of Teachers (for dependents), and the United Food and Commercial Workers (both members and their families), and AFSME (members and their dependents). So if you are eligible for the Union Plus, check your own union, as well as your local, or possible additional scholarships. 

Some other unions that offer scholarships are: the Ohio Civil Service Employees (dependents), SEIU (members and their families), the American Postal Worker's Union (children and grandchildren of members), and UAW employees of Ford/Visteon.  But there are many more out there.  Make your own nosey inquiries at least a year before you or your child wish to start college.

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