Monday, March 28, 2011

A List of Stuff to Check for Your College Scholarship

The first place to check is...the school or schools that you are considering.  Many scholarships are offered at only one school, not all of them.  Therefore, the famous scholarship for left-handed student that everybody asks about is only available at Juniata College, because an alumna at that school gave them the money for it.  So see what is available through the scholarship web page of the school(s) you are thinking about. 
Another place your local service clubs, like the Lions, Rotary, Optimists, etc..  Many local chapters will set up scholarships for local students. 
State, local, and national organizations in your future line of work.  Check the Gale Encyclopedia of Organizations for national and state organizations.  For example the American Culinary Federation, which has a national scholarship program, and has links to other scholarship programs for professional cooking specialties, as well as scholarships for specific schools. Here's more scholarships for culinary school from the Reluctant Gourmet. On a local level, the Maumee Valley chapter of the ACF has its own scholarship program for Toledo-area students.
Check the governing body of public higher education in your state.  Every state has one, and there are often statewide scholarship or financial aid programs that originate there.  Check out the agency for your state, and see if there is anything for you. 
And if you are a high-school student or the parent of one, start looking around in the beginning of junior year so that you have plenty of time to get the lay of the land and apply.
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