Sunday, April 3, 2011

A New Way to Use GI Bill Benefits...for Your Spouse or Children

Service members looking for a new way to help their family members attend school now have another option.  In 2009, the VA offered the opportunity to transfer GI Bill education benefits from eligible veterans to their spouses and children.   To be eligible, a service member has to have 10 years in active duty or select reserve, or six years with a committment for four more.  Spouses can use the benefit for up to 15 years after separation from the military, while children aren't bound by the separation date, but must be 26 years old or less.  The benefits can be used by one person in the family, or split among eligible family members. 

Go to the transfer eligibility website to see if you are able to get this transfer, then your family members can apply for it.  Then, family members can apply for the benefit.

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