Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some Health Insurance Options for Artists

Health care is being addressed in one way or another for many population groups, but it’s always been a toughie for independent workers in America, but especially in the (mostly) financially precarious world of artists. Not every place is as art-friendly as Austin, TX, which has health insurance programs for musicians. But there are some possibilities for artists to explore in their search for affordable health insurance.

AHIRC, the Artist’s Health Resource Center, offers guides to health insurance opportunities in several states and regions. They also have a state-by-state guide to insurance, drugs, as well as any programs set up just for artists.

But if you are a lone artist, how are you supposed to get the advantage of group rates? At least one non-profit group specializes in just that: Fractured Atlas. Artists can buy a policy through FA not only in health insurance, but casualty and liability. They have an online state-by-state guide as to what their members can get along with coverage, including a “health proponent,” a service to help guide members through the system, make appointments, and co-ordinate care when necessary. Also, see their Artist’s Insurance Guide with suggestions on everything that artists—or artist’s organizations, like theaters or dance groups—might need in the way of insurance.

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