Friday, June 17, 2011

A Roundup of Some Good Places to Start Looking for Scholarships for the Disabled

In looking up some other stuff for a previous blog entry, I found the Disaboom website, and, one of their subsites for scholarships for the disabled.  It got me to wonder what else was out there.

Of course, there is the wonderful book, Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families, one of the books in the terrific series by  Reference Service Press on financial aid for various groups, such as African Americans, women, Hispanics, etc.  Check it out at your nearest library if you can.  Here's some other stuff you can find right on teh internets:

The venerable Disability Resources has a scholarship site, with a list of books and a short list of scholarships, as well as links to tips on how the disabled can finance a college education. 

Michigan State University's site on grants for individuals includes a subset on scholarships for the disabled.

Disabled World has a section on scholarships.

As always, check the usual suspects: the financial aid pages of the schools in which you are interested (many have scholarships exclusive to that school), and the higher education department in the state in which you live.  States, like individual colleges, may have their own programs.

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