Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Could You Use Some Financial Coaching and Advice? It May Be Out There.

What’s a financial opportunity center?  It’s a place where low or moderate income people can go to get help in setting long-term financial goals, like savings and investment, from people who aren’t selling products.  They can help think about where you would like to be financially in the long term, and how to use resources in your community like job training, benefits and income tax preparation as tools to get there.  This goes beyond “emergency help” and works to get people to the next level, where they are planning on creating financial assets and growing them for the long run.

 In north Toledo, ONE North has created a financial opportunity center at 2860 Lagrange Street near Dexter for people living in north Toledo. The phone number is (419) 724 5640.  You can get “financial coaching” to achieve your financial goals, income tax preparation, and financial education opportunities, like the budgeting and banking class on July 13th, or the class on credit and loans on July 23rd. 

But Toledo is just one city with financial opportunity centers.  Other places include Detroit, Houston, Cincinnati, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Chicago, Indianapolis, San Diego and more.  They are funded in cooperation with LISC (Local Initiatives Support Corporation), a national nonprofit, but they are run by local nonprofits in their cities.  Look for the local LISC office in your area and ask if there is a local nonprofit with such programs.  They can tell you if they have a local nonprofit partner that provides such services.

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