Monday, July 18, 2011

Finding More Microlenders in the United States

I’ve written about microfinancing and microgrants for for-profit outfits before, but wished to add news about an established group and its activities in the United States. Kiva is a nonprofit organization that has given aspiring business people in economically developing countries a chance to get microloans, while giving people in affluent countries a chance to loan them the money.  What is less known is that they have partnered with nonprofits in to provide microloan opportunities for business microloans in the U.S.

Kiva’s partner page lists their partners around the world, but you can limit by world region.  In North America, they partner with ACCION, a nonprofit that loans in the Texas and Louisiana areas, as well as ACCIONAmerica, which loans across the United States, the Opportunity Fund,(California)  and Grameen America.  Check out these organizations if you are interested in getting a microloan, or Kiva if you have an interest in financing a microloan for up-and-coming business people in the United States, as well as other countries.

Kiva is also working with ACCION America to work in specific cities.  The first was Detroit, and its first round of financing has already been distributed.  More financing will be available in the future, so check it out if you are interested and in the Detroit area.  And stay tuned for more microfinance opportunities in other cities.

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