Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Free Medical Care in Northwest Ohio, via the National Guard

**This blog posting refers to a special event, but if you want access to health care in northwest Ohio, see this link to options in health care costs.**

Guardcare, a service of the Ohio National Guard, will be providing free medical checkups, including dental exams and screenings, blood tests, vaccinations,lead testing for children and pap smears, August 20th and 21st at the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department, 635 N. Erie.  It's for all Ohio residents regardless of income, without an appointment.  For more information, call 419-213-4113. 

How did this come about?  The National Guard has been authorized to do work in medically underserved areas as part of their military readiness program for their medical personnel.  In Ohio, this means that the Guard has chosen two underserved area each year in the state during the summer months to provide free medical service.  This year, it was Lucas County, and was done in partnership with local health officials and providers. 

Ohio is not the only state where the National Guard has done free work in underserved areas.  It's part of the Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) that gives reserves real experience in health care by providing services to communities, mostly in engineering, medical and dental work.  Here's a sample of IRT projects that have been done around the country.  Besides these examples, state National Guards may have projects of their own. 

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