Sunday, August 21, 2011

Where to Find Government Property and Seizures for Sale and Auction?

You’ve read all the hype about buying stuff from the government—the apocryphal tales of great sports cars for $100 bucks or so, and wonder where to get them.  It’s easy, and like pretty much all government information, perfectly FREE.  The feds even make it easy for you.  Links to federal auctions and sales are all at one site—which includes links to goods by type (like medical equipment, commercial and residential real estate, etc.), rather than department, which makes it easier to find stuff you want. However, if there is a particular agency whose goods or seized things interest you, you can search by agency, too.
 You cannot register at the central site, but if you see something you want, there will be a link to a place to register, and usually a contact.  The agency rundown gives links where you can buy ANYTHING from a federal source, including Amtrack tickets, Smithsonian gift shop items, savings bonds, and flags that have flown over the capitol (they direct you to yourcongressperson).  If it’s federal and for sale, it’ll be here.
There’s also a link to the surplus sales sites for each ofthe states.  For things even closer to home, you have to check your city and county websites and think:  who grabs this stuff?  For instance in Toledo, there’s a site for vehicles impounded by the city’s police to be sold at auction,at the Toledo Police Department site.  In Lucas County, as in most counties, it’s the sheriff that seizes home for taxes, and there is a site for homes sold at auction which they have seized.  So those are probably the places to go in your own city and county for seized property.

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