Friday, October 21, 2011

Food and Help for the Pets of Homeless People

A colleage came across this website and pointed it out to me: a network of organizations that helps the pets of homeless people.  It sounded like a mighty tiny niche indeed, but according to their statistics, between 5% and 10% of homeless people own a dog or cat.  This sounds more reasonable when you consider that many are homeless for small periods of time, rather than for months or years on end.  I once volunteered in an animal shelter, and some animals landed there because their owners became homeless, through job loss, domestic violence, or other reasons.  How does Pets of the Homeless help?

First, they have an online list of places that provide pet food--and not all of them are animal food banks.  Some are shelters, some are religious organizations.  Another is a list of pet-friendly homeless shelters--ones that allow pets to stay.  It's a tiny list.  They have yet another list of different types of help, from spay/neutering and veterinary care.  And check out this list of events around the country to help with pet care.

Finally, don't miss our previous roundup of veterinary and food help for pets.

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