Saturday, October 8, 2011

Making Dreams Come True--Wish-Making Organizations for Adults

We are aware of lots of organizations that make wishes come true for children, since there is a particular sadness in a child's death before they can see their wishes materialize.  But it happens for adults, too.  And while there are fewer organizations devoted to helping dying adults see their dreams come true, they are out there.

The Dream Lives On was created to help adults (over 18), with less than a year to live, to see a particular wish come true, with some pretty common parameters for wish-type charities--they must be legal, safe, etc., and can't involve medical or living expenses.  The Dream Foundation is for adults battling a "life threatening illness," or, in the case of a person expected to live less than 8 weeks, an "emergency dream." 

More broadly, there is the Granted Wish Foundation, which seeks to help the disabled, the disadvantaged, and families facing "daily struggles and challenges."  This can include the wish for an extraordinary experiences typical for a wish-granting organization, but also resources to meet medical expenses or living expenses (for instance, after losing everything in a fire).  There is also a link for its webpage visitors to fund the wishes of some of those who apply.  Jeremy Bloom's Wish of a Lifetime grants wishes to senior citizens.

The most unusual of the adult-wish organizations would be Wish Upon a Wedding, an organization dedicated to helping couples facing a terminal illness within five years (regardless of sexual orientation), have the wedding of their dreams. See their website or call 877-305-WISH.   

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