Sunday, November 13, 2011

Future Chances for Low-Income Families to Get Low-Cost Computers and Broadband Access

A couple of months ago, we announced a plan by Comcast to give low-cost broadband--and a low-cost computer--to families who are eligible for free school lunches.  Turns out that this is only the first of a wave.  The FCC and the nonprofit group Connect2Compete and its partners are working to expand broadband access.  in 2012, Time-Warner Cable  and Cablevision Systems will also sign up free lunch eligible families for $9.95 a month, with those families also eligible to buy computers for $150.  The families can have the discounted rate for two years.  The rollout for the other companies--except for Comcast, which has already started--should be in the spring of 2012, with full implementation by the fall of 2012.  This is only part of the mission of the partners in Connect2Compete, which is to increase digital literacy and access to high-speed internet connections for everybody.  Partners will also be working to staff public digital literacy classes.  The partners aim for lots of low and no-cost digital skills classes across the country.

Except for the Comcast services outlined earlier, there aren't a lot of details now.  To receive details as they come out, email Connect2Compete at

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