Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Real Grant for For-Profit Women-Owned Busineses

I'm the first to debunk urban legends about all the grants for women-owned businesses, unless they're not urban legends.  The Foundation Center's RFP Bulletin rarely has anything for for-profits, but this past week, they did: Eileen Fisher, the clothing firm, announced available grants to women-owned for-profits that, in their words, "combine the principles of social consciousness, sustainability, and innovation to create new businesses or invigorate existing ones."  If you want to see examples of what that means, see Eileen Fisher's website for a list of past winners and their businesses.

The grants have two categories: one for start-up businesses (less than three years old), and another for more established businesses.  The former is for businesses that can document solid plans and potential for growth.  The more established businesses must have plans to take their business to a new level. They will give grants to up to five businesses in all, with grants of up to $12,500 apiece. The deadline for this year's application is May 15, 2012, and here's the application.

For more sources of funding for women's business funding, see this link.  And good luck.

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