Saturday, April 7, 2012

Money for Women Athletes to Train and Travel, and other Athletic Training Money

The Women's Sports Foundation has a fund to pay for serious, competitive women athletes to travel and train. It's for individuals and teams (and by teams, they don't mean a community, club or school team, but a group unto themselves), and the deadline for 2012 is June 8th.  The applicants have to have a successful competitive record outside of their region, either nationally or internationally, and have amateur status.  The purpose of the grant is to get the training needed to improve their game.

How to find out other grants for individual athletes?  There's a couple of strategies.  One is to find the governing body of the sport in which you are interested.  These national or international groups may have grants for individual competitors.  Access for Athletes is a fund sponsored by the Challenged Athletes Foundation for equipment and training for disabled athletes.  Often, you have to be a member to be eligible for a grant or scholarship, such as the scholarship by the American Painted Horse Foundation.  You can also go to a library close to you that has the Foundation Center Grants to Individuals Online, and choose the "advanced search" option, using "athletics" in the "field of interest" field. 

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