Monday, May 28, 2012

Free Credit Scores for You--IF You're Active Military

We've discussed the whole issue of free credit reports (which you can demand, once a year, from each of the credit reporting companies, via, and credit scores (which you can only get for free if you subscribe to a service from the credit reporting agencies, which will not be free).  But if you are an active member of the military or the spouse of an active military member, you can indeed get a free credit score without subscribing to anything. 

The FINRA Investor Education Foundation is offering free FICO credit scores to active military, but you have to go through military financial educators and counselors your nearest Personal Financial Management Program (PFMP) Office which is usually part of the Airman & Family Readiness Center, Army Community Service, Fleet and Family Support Center, Marine Corps Community Services or their equivalents. 

The only thing is, you can't get Experian's score this way, because they don't have a contract with the FIEF, and you can get a credit score from TransUnion (the "default mode"), or Equifax, but not both.  'Tis a puzzlement, but you can read all about it, and more, at the FAQ page.

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