Monday, August 13, 2012

Electric Partnership Program--Helping Low-Income Ohioans Save on Electricity--and How to Find Other Programs

Low-income Ohioans who are eligible for the PIPP (percentage of payment plus plan) to help pay their energy bills are now also able to sign up for the Electric Partnership Program.  It's a program the targets PIPP clients who use large amounts of electricity, and works with them to get equipment and weatherization to reduce their electricity usage.  If you are a PIPP client, or PIPP eligible, find out who your EPP partner is from this map, and contact them for an assessment.  In Toledo and Lucas County, that is Honeywill DMC, and they can be reached at 800-231 9652. 

If you're not in Ohio, how do you find similar programs?  If you need energy payment assistance, call this toll free number ( 1-866-674-6327) for find your state's energy assistance office.  For weatherization, you can try this website to find the office in your state.  Another source of good information is the community action agency in your area that will either be the direct provider of weatherization and energy bill assistance, or will know where you should go. 

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