Monday, August 20, 2012

Per Reader's Suggestion--State and Local Sources of Funding to Rehab Historic Homes

We get comments, and the ones that are not pure spam (or links to Asian porn) are mighty helpful.  A recent one from Brendan Amorose, who left a note on our posting re: money to fix up your home.  He noted that besides some of the government programs listed, that private historical and preservation organizations can be another source of financial help.  So I wondered where you would find such a list, and struck paydirt here.  It has links to state preservation associations, but also local neighborhood groups, such as the Old West End Association in Toledo, as well as downtown and neighborhood revitalization organizations, and tribal preservation groups.  In these tough economic times, the groups themselves may be struggling for money, but if you fall into their service area they may be able to point out the best strategies for finding funds.  Also, never assume that any link or online directory is exhaustive. Check with your local city officials or state preservation office to double check.

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