Monday, August 27, 2012

The Second Toledo Soup--a Small Pot of Money to Finance a Project

The area is scheduled to have its second Toledo Soup event, on September 23rd.  We wrote about the first event last spring, in which Maxwell Austin of Glass City Pedicabs was voted the best entry, thus winning over $1,000 to help establish his downtown pedicab service.   

As we discussed the last time, any non OR for-profit enterprise can fill out an entry form for the Toledo event by the September 9th deadline, telling about your project and why it deserves the prize money. The entries are winnowed down to three top entries, and these three will get to present their case to an audience of people who will pay $5 to eat soup and vote on their favorite project.  The project that gets the most votes wins the pot created by the $5 soup charge, so the actual cash grant can vary.

It's one offshoot of the worldwide soup movement to provide community-based startup funds mostly for small and medium-sized art projects.  In fact, it inspired another project, Toledo Salad, which gives grants for small projects that will inprove the health of the community.

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