Saturday, September 22, 2012

Drought Disaster Loans--They're For Farms and Other Businesses

The terrible drought of 2012 hit a lot of farms in the U.S., and as expected, there's low-cost loans available from the federal Department of Agriculture to help farmers affected  by the drought.  But other businesses have been adversely affected, too.  What help do they have?

As it turns out, there are low-cost loans to help non-farm businesses, aquaculture (fish farming) businesses, and not-for-profit busineses hurt by the drought from the Small Business Administration.   They are low-interest (no higher than 4%), but are subject to conditions by the SBA, including being basically creditworthy.  If you are in one of the areas declared to be a drought disaster area in 2012 and financially harmed by the drought, see if you may be eligible for a low-interest disaster loan, and file before the deadline for your area is passed (the listing of disaster-declared areas will also list their deadline.

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