Monday, October 15, 2012

The Flip Side of On the Job Training Opportunities: Government Aid to Businesses that Need to Train Workers

Our last posting was aimed at workers who are looking for on the job training opportunities.  The obvious flip side is that employers can get the government to subsidize the training of their new workers to new skills.  In Ohio, employers who want to take advantage of this program can contact the Jobs and Family Services Department, 

Also, if you are an employer in another state, you may want to search google with "on the job training" and your state's name.  You could also contact the one-stop employment shop in your area as well. 

Another place to contact--if you are interested in hiring older (50+), low-income workers--would be Experience Works, a non-profit that works to train low-income older unemployed people to get jobs.  They operate in 30 states and Puerto Rico.  You can get in touch with a local office and find if they can match you up with trained older workers.  Likewise, if you are a low-income unemployed person (within 150% of the poverty level), they may be able to train you for full time employment.  It won't be for an executive or midlevel position, but you may be able to get a leg up to some sort of employment.

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