Friday, December 21, 2012

Free Spaying and Neutering in Various Locations Across the U.S.

While meeting for a card game with a colleague, she excitedly told me about a speaker at her branch library from Humane Ohio, a low-cost pet spay and neuter organization in Toledo, Ohio.  Apparently, the speaker's animal welfare evangelism was contagious, and she got caught up in it.  Now she was spreading his word that Humane Ohio had a new program--totally FREE spaying and neutering for feral (free roaming) cats in the 43609 and 43605 zip codes in Toledo. That is, as long as the grant money holds out.

I've written before about low-cost programs for animal care but mostly with an eye towards reducing costs.  But if the need for animal control in a particular community is great--and they can find grant money to pick up the costs--some programs are picking up all the costs for spaying and neutering for needy clients.  In Toledo, the cat overpopulation program in those zip codes made them a target for Humane Ohio.  But there are programs available in other cities, too.

In Los Angeles, the Animal Services office offers free spaying and neutering for dogs and cats owned by disabled and elderly low-income citizens if you qualify  In Maricopa County Arizona (which includes the city of Phoenix), the county Animal Care and Control Office has a set amount of vouchers for free dog and cat spaying and neutering each month for which you can apply. 

In New York City, the Mayor's Alliance for New York City Animals has, among its low-cost programs, a free spay, neuter and vasectomy program for pit bulls (that vasectomy thing is a new one on me.  All the population control, none of the loss of hormones).  In Manatee County Florida, there are free spay/neuter programs available for residents that meet low-income requirements.  The hotline number is 941-749-3067.  In Travis County/Austin Texas, Emancipet has a mobile unit that performs free spaying and neutering.  It's first come, first served, and means waiting in line to sign up your pet.

For more locations for free (or, more likely low-cost) spaying and neutering, see this ASPCA site.

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