Friday, February 8, 2013

Another Source of Scholarships in Agriculture

For high school and college students seeking scholarship money to study agriculture, a possible source are the state and county farm bureaus across the United States.  Farm bureaus are nonprofit groups that provide lobbying, public education efforts for the agriculture and ranching industries, as well as benefits for their members, like insurance and banking products and discounts on goods and services. 

If you look at the range of state bureaus (a directory of state programs is available at the American Farm Bureau Federation), you will see a variety of programs, including scholarships.  Some restrict scholarships to the children of members or young people who are active in farm bureau programs, but some do not.  For instance, Ohio's farm bureau has several scholarships, some for the children of members, but others open to all young people studying agriculture.  The North Dakota Farm Bureau has several scholarships for those entering college up through graduate study. 

Besides state bureaus, many county farm bureaus offer small scholarships, too.  These are more likely to be for the children of members, but some are open to all.  You can google the name of your county, or check the state bureau to find a local one near you.

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