Monday, March 18, 2013

Money for Farmers in Michigan--and Elsewhere-- to Help Reduce Greenhouse Gases

The Natural Resources Conservation Service of the USDA has announced grants available to farmers in 21 Michigan counties to plant cover crops and try new "nutrient management practices."  It's an effort to reduce greenhouse gases.The application deadline is April 15, 2013.  Payments will be made after the practices are put into effect, so farmers will still have to provide the funding on the front end. For more information about this and other environmental incentive programs for Michigan farmers, see this page. 

But since the grant is ultimately funded by the federal government, there's money for other states as well.  To find out more about other federally funded programs for farmers working to improve the environment with new farming practices, see this page of programs and their links.  They will include the latest states and nonprofits who have received funding for things like agricultural water enhancement and the wildlife habitat incentive program, and who will create funds for individual farmers.  Farmers need to identify the organizations and states that received federal funds, then ask for their guidelines for application.  Also, the USDA has just opened applications for another round of funding for states and nonprofits; whoever receives these grants will announce grant opportunities to farmers and ranchers in the next year.

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