Monday, April 29, 2013

Free Hair for Kids, and Free Head Coverings for Bald Women and Kids

Outside of male pattern baldness, hair loss can cause loss of self-esteem during a stressful time in one's life: cancer treatment, or some other illness that caused it in the first place.  Here's some places that can help.

Locks of Love is famous for providing hairpieces for children under 21 years of age who have low income and suffer from permanent or temporary hair loss.  The hair is donated by loving people throughout the United States for those suffering from permanent hair loss, and artificial hair in the case of those with temporary loss.

Children With Hair Loss helps those under 21, too, but there are no financial limits--free hairpieces are available to all kids suffering from a medical hair loss.  Check out their website, or call 734-379-4400.

For both children and women suffering from hair loss, the Beautiful and Bald Movement will give a free "dome decorating package" which consists not of hair, but something to gussy up the bald head.  These could be scarves, hats, stickers, temporary tattoos, and more.  The actual contents vary, depending on what contributions they may have recieved. 

The American Cancer Society often distributes free or low-cost wigs to cancer victims through their local chapters.  To find one near you, see this resource search page and specifiy under program type  "wigs-free or reduced cost."

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