Friday, April 12, 2013

Places to Find Free Tattoo Removal (Ex-Gang and Ex-Offenders)

I ran across a program in the Detroit area via Julie's List, the font of many good things, that offers free tattoo removal to ex-gang members in the Detroit area in exchange for community service.  It got me thinking about where else this may be offered. 

In metropolitan Los Angeles, there's Homeboy Industries, which offers tattoo removal along with its other outreach to former gang members.  The Central Texas Tattoo Project offers tattoo removal to minors for free, and asks those over 18 to contribute $60 to cover costs.  In the New York City area, former prisoners and gang members can get free tattoo removal via the Fresh Start program.  In Oxnard, California, the Chuck Muncie Foundation performs free tattoo removal for former gang members on the third Saturday of the month.  In the Denver area, GRASP provides free tattoo removal for those between 14 and 24.  Finally, in the Chicago area, the village of Hanover Park offers free tattoo removal to former gang members.  Contact police officer Jodie Wise of the Lisle Police Department at (630) 271-4218.

Some more sources of help from the website Jails to Jobs.

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