Monday, July 29, 2013

Another Way to Raise Funds for Medical Care

In our last entry, we discussed the the "soup movement,"  a way of raising money for art projects that don't fall under a 501c3 umbrella and without the legal paperwork of nonprofits in the U.S., either.  Today we will discuss another avenue for raising money for other things that are charitable, or require charity, but aren't  501c3's (501c3 being the IRS designation for charitable nonprofits).  It's the for-profit website Give Forward, which creates crowdfunding for individuals that need it.

If you go to their website, they will give you short instructions on how to create a website to campaign for funds.  They can be for any cause--vet bills, medical bills, etc.  In fact, they have a short list of possible alternative resources listed on the bottom of their front page.  They stay in business by charging 7% on each transaction, which covers credit card charges, Paypal expenses, etc.  Fundraisers get their funds released to them if they are over or near their fundraising goal.  For this reason, Give Forward suggests that you set a modest, obtainable goal at the beginning, although it can be altered.  There is also an end date, and Give Forward will process and give the donated funds within 10 days of that date.

If you need to raise funds for a medical need, Give Forward could be a way to spread beyond your immediate community and the exhausting crush of car wash/spaghetti dinners/other fundraisers that take lots of manpower.  It's worth considering.  Here's some other tips and help on fundraising for an individual's health needs.

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