Monday, September 2, 2013

Declaration of No Income--Where Do You Get Them?

Fall is here, and the end of the summer cooling emergency that helps pay with summer energy bills.  If you go to the Ohio Development Agency to find the new HEAP forms, you will see this--a zero income self-declaration form. Along with the same form in Spanish.  If you indeed have zero income, and say so on the Ohio energy assistance form--you will need this form filled out, too.

People often ask where they can get a zero income statement, or declaration form.  There isn't a national form, but the human service office in your state or county may have one.  Many social service agencies have zero income forms that are peculiar to them, and if you don't use them, you will end up delaying your assistance.  When applying for any type of assistance, be it heating, food, or general assistance--and you don't have any income at all--be sure to ask if they have a zero assistance declaration or statement that needs to be filled out in addition to any application forms. You could also try to google "zero income" and the name of your state, but a worker in the agency to which you apply should know, too.

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