Thursday, November 14, 2013

Free Thanksgiving Meals in Toledo and Northwest Ohio 2013, and How to Find Them in Other Places

The Roman Catholic Diocese in Toledo, Ohio has given up the goods yet again, putting in a directory of where people in Toledo and northwest Ohio may get free meals for Thanksgiving.  Note that some of these are the Sunday before, or a day or two ahead, or even a day or two after Thanksgiving.  Since the cut in food stamps will mean a lean month for many people, these meals take on a lot of importance.  Note that the Augsburg Lutheran Church on Sylvania will only serve delivery or pick-up meals; call by November 22nd.  This list appeared in the Toledo Blade and might have a few other sites.

What if you live elsewhere?   If you live in an area with a 211 information and referral service, you can call 211 and find out.  The 211 websites nationwide have a subject heading called "holiday meals." They often have the places of free meals, but often not the times and days.  For that, you might want to call 211 or  a local church in your area. 

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