Monday, January 20, 2014

More Soup for You in Toledo, and Around the World

Toledo Soup is accepting submissions for its 4th event, scheduled for March 9th.  Toledo Soup is an organization that gives microgrants to individuals and organizations to fund a good, activity or service that enhances the greater Toledo area.  And who makes that determination?  The voters who pay $5 to eat soup and bread and vote on the finalists that Toledo Soup choses.  The voters plunk down the money, eat, listen to the pitches of would-be grant recipients, and vote.  Whoever gets the most votes for their project gets the evening's take of money.  The application is short, but must be sent by the middle of February.   Past winners include Glass City Pedicabs and ArtAround Town.  Applicants can include small businesses, individuals, and nonprofits--as long as they are doing work calculated to enhance the northwest Ohio community.

Toledo Soup is one of dozens of organizations around the world that offer microgrants given by soup-eating voters.  Most of the Soup Network offers microgrants to artists.  Check this list--there may be one near you.

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