Monday, February 24, 2014

Free Tax Preparation From a Lot of Places

Usually, we don't do for-profit on this page, but free is free, even if it's a marketing tactic.  Liberty Tax Service is providing free tax preparation at certain times this tax season for NEW clients in certain lines of work. 

The military/veteran week, is alas, gone, but there is still a week for teachers and education employees (including bus drivers), hospital workers, police and fire fighters, volunteers and seniors.  Yes, they would like you to be paying clients next year, but they want to give you an introduction to their service now.

Of course, if you make less than $52,000 a year, you may be eligible for free tax preparation by VITA volunteers.  Call  1-800-906-9887 to find a volunteer near you or check this link. If you are over 60 you may get free tax preparation by TCE (tax counseling for the elderly) volunteers.  See this page for a location for TCE or AAPR aid near you, or call 888-227-7669.

For free tax preparation for military personnel, see this IRS page.

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