Monday, March 3, 2014

Mobile Medical Unit for the Homeless in Toledo

When we got a call at the library, asking if there was a medical van at Main library on Saturdays, I only knew about Food for Thought, a volunteer group that distributed food and sometimes clothes to the poor outside the library on Saturday mornings.  But I learned that they now partner with another volunteer group, LifeLine Toledo, which runs the big purple medical bus.  Every Saturday, nurses staff the bus and check vitals and blood pressure, and recommend further care.  Once a month, the Black Bag Project has a doctor aboard the big purple bus to provide more in-depth care and a sort of triage to decide who may be in need of immediate medical care.  The LifeLine bus goes to Main library from 9 till 11:30 on Saturday mornings, and at other times per their webpage schedule.

There is no national directory that I know of for mobile medical units that serve the poor this way.  In 211 directories, the closest I could find for a heading would be medical social work for the homeless.  You could google "mobile medical unit" (the common name for this sort of medical service) and the name of your city or county. 

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