Saturday, June 7, 2014

Free Financial Education and Other Good Stuff at State Treasurer's Offices

The state's treasurer's office is a place that hardly anybody thinks about in their daily lives, unlike, say, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  But they can offer a treasurer trove of good information for individuals.

In many states, they are in charge of finding unclaimed funds on the state level, like insurance payments, bank deposits, and other money owed.  They may be the state agency involved in 529 college saving programs, and they may offer linked-deposit accounts and lower interest loans for business or agriculture, or even individuals such as the state of Ohio's various programs.

Often they are in charge of financial education programs.  In Ohio, for instance, there is another series of free financial education programs going through the state this summer, Smart Money Choices is a free, half-day seminar on with sessions on Social Security, investment, credit and debt, student funding and debt management, and more.  They will be holding five sessions throughout the state in the summer of 2014. 

Many state's treasurer's sites also have good links to financial education sites online.  Find your own state treasurer's office, and check it out-you may find some good money and financial education programs.

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