Friday, July 18, 2014

Water Payment Assistance in Detroit, and How to Find it in Other Cases

Right now, I guess we are having a dispute about how civilized and humane a society we are.  For instance, in a society where Wall Streeters can afford all the hookers and blow they can do in one night, are we really going to cut off the water on human beings, because they can't pay for it, and as we tell ourselves collectively WE'RE SO BROOOOKE?  Tens of thousands of Detroiters may in face having their water cut off for lack of payments and lack of ability to pay.

Julie's List has a listing of a program for Detroiters who can't pay their water bills via the Detroit Residential Water Assistance Program.  You can call 877-646-2831 for more information.  You must be a Detroit resident and have a shut-off notice to be eligible. What if you are in the 'burbs, and need financial help?  Julie's List's website is all over it with various agencies that help out with utilities in southeastern Michigan.  

If you live in other places, the first place to go if you have problems with your utility payments is the utility themselves. They often have programs associated with them, made up of voluntary contributions of other utility users. Another place to go is the local 211 number where you live and their website, if they make it available to the public.  Under heading "water service payment assistance," you will find what they have.  If you have a particular disorder or problem, for instance, if you have AIDS or are an ex-offender, or something about your status or illness makes it difficult to pay bills, you might want to use 211 to identify agencies that help people with your  particular illness or social status. 

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